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In June of 1841 George W. Kendall and about 300 others initiated an exploratory expedition from Austin, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico traveling up through the Cross Timbers region and then through the rolling plains and Texas panhandle toward their final destination in New Mexico. After turning westward from the Trinity River in the Cross Timbers region the group traveled several days before reaching the "Narrows", a narrow band of land separating the Brazos and Wichita river drainage plane located 3.5 miles east of what was to be the town site of Benjamin in Knox County, Texas. On August 14, 1841 the expedition established a campsite very near or actually on the present site of Benjamin and noted that they were traveling along an old Indian trail running in a westward direction. Also, buffalo trails crossed the land on a northerly route with buffalo skeletons littering the plains in all directions. Little did the party realize that on this site some 45 years later the ranching town of Benjamin would rise from the expansive and lonely landscape.

The name of my store is a salute to this intrepid group of long ago and offers an assortment of items including Texas made jellies and sauces, Talavera Pottery, gifts to include blankets, clothing, boots, jewelry and signed books and prints from the State Photographer of Texas, Wyman Meinzer.

You may wish to visit Wyman's website and follow him along some of the same trails that the Texas-Santa Fe Expedition followed some 167 years ago.

Go to www.wymanmeinzer.com

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